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• The programme was initiated in 1994 in Sri Lanka
The sixth “Air that We Breathe” National Symposium on Air Resource Management in Sri Lanka organized by the Air Resource Management Center (AirMAC) of Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment &Clean Air Sri Lanka will be held on 5th & 6th May 2016 in Waters Edge, Battaramulla.
The symposium will provide a forum to present and discuss the most recent technological, scientific and policy developments associated with air quality management.
• The programme has implemented 408 projects under five GEF Focal Areas in the period 1994 – 2016.

    The GEF Focal Areas are -

  • Biodiversity,
  • Climate Change,
  • Land Degradation,
  • International Water,
  • Chemicals (Persistent Organic Pollutants) and,
  • Of the total 408 projects, 61.31% fall within the Biodiversity Focal Area, of which conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity important to agriculture have been the dominant type. SGP Multi-Focal Area projects, addressing issues related to integrated ecosystem management accounted for 17% of all SGP projects implemented between 1994 and 2016. SGP projects addressing land degradation and desertification issues accounted for 14.58%, while a further 13.69% of projects addressed issues relating to climate change mitigation. 3.57% of SGP projects in Sri Lanka addressed persistent organic pollutants focal area.2.38% of projects addressed international waters focal area.
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A Poster to illustrate the work of communities in biodiversity conservation of the GEF Small Grants Programme Sri Lanka

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